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In Polanica

The Spa Park

One of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Poland has been registered in the relics register since 1991. Almost 17 hectares of carefully looked-after greenery i.e. the Central Park, Chess, Rhododendron, Joseph and Sanatorium parts. Spa life here vibrates from morning until night due to the kilometers of avenues and bike paths, a representational pump-room of waters with a hall to stroll in, the Sanatorium “Wileka Pieniawa”, a theatre as well as a concert stage, view points and pavilions and also a dancing colourful fountain. Fans of nature will be interested in a dozen or so tree monuments, rare species of plants from all around the world and especially the blooming rhododendrons, azalea and magnolias in May and June.

Mineral water pump room

Built in 1911 in the secessionist-classical style the Pump Room of mineral waters is an obligatory orientation point during every walk in the Park. In its hall there are many coffee shops, souvenir shops as well as a small private museum with precious stones. In 1925 a classical theatre was built onto the pump room. Shortly after WWII former soldiers who had moved to Polanica, founded an amateur theatrical group with which Mieczyslawa Cwiklinska, loved by all, acted many times and also helped to run. After the death of this great actress, the theatre was given her name.

Artistic glass factory

At Wojska Polskiego Avenue, nr. 58a, one of the last working glass factories in Lower Silesia can be found, which has been open for sight-seeing for a while. Unusual wares and ornaments are made here by hand, which is possible thanks only to highly qualified and experienced workers. Candlesticks, jugs, vases and glasses, mugs and trophies… everything is created in front of the eyes of the sightseers, starting with gathering raw materials on a blowpipe, blowing it out on a wooden form and cooling the final ware. The factory also offers artistic ornamentation like engraving, sanding and painting. In the factory’s shop you can buy ready products at attractive prices.

Promenade by the river Bystrzyca

A favourite meeting place for tourists, bathers and residents of Polanica is the promenade in the oldest part of the town. On both banks of the picturesque river there are many coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, little shops and stalls. Often in this bohemian artistic atmosphere, musicians perform, artists create and time is measured by a bell which hangs above the promenade in the secession church “Assumption” with “favours from the famous picture of Our Lady of Unrelenting Help”. Nearby you can also find the Jesuit manor from the beginning of the 18th century, which is the oldest building in Polanica.

98 km of bike paths

For lovers of two wheels there are 10 marked paths of varying difficulty around Polanica. From the recreational paths in the Spa Park you can reach what is called the Hell Loop as well as the demanding MTB route on which, a few times a year, tournaments for amateurs and professionals are held. Apart from bikers, larger and smaller groups of Nordic Walkers also use the many tourist paths in the town and outskirts. A local idea has also come about with paths for parents and their pushchairs/strollers called “Heart Trail”, “Bear Trail” and “Kid”.

Cultural shows

Guests of Polanica value cultural, sport and entertainment life of the town. Within the confines of the International Artistic Festival “Zdroje Kultury”, over 100 shows take place here, presentations and events of different meaning and type. International organ and small concerts, a film festival, a World Music festival, Polanica’s Meeting with National and Regional Creativity, Polanica’s Meeting with Theatre and Operetka, Cultural Market on the Amber Trail, International Chess Festival in Rubinstein’s name with a tradition of many years, and these are only some of the events of the calendar here. One of the newest ideas is the Opening of the Lovers’ Season. The heart in the town’s emblem/crest trumpeted by poets is a pledge.

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